Sunday, 27 April 2014

Blog wedi symud // My blog has moved !

Dwi di symud! Ers i fi newid fy ngwefan, dwi rwan wedi symud fy blog i fan yna. Medra chi ffindio fo'n FAMA!

I have moved! Since I updated my website, I have now moved my blog there. You can find it HERE!

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Thursday, 27 March 2014

Updated website! / Gwefan wedi ypdeitio!

Dwi di ypdeitio gwefan fi o'r diwedd, iei! Dwi dal yn gweithio ar y fo, ac yn ychwanegu mwy o waith ayyb, ond mae o fyny rwan. Cerwch i weld o RWAN!

I've updated my website at last, yay! I'm still working on it, adding more of my work etc, but it's up now. Go see it NOW!

Hwyl x

Friday, 14 March 2014

Caerdydd / Cardiff print

So this is my first post of 2014, oops! Oh well, never mind. I thought I'd just post something small up to start off with to catch up. I finished this piece of Cardiff city just before Christmas, and managed to get it up on my Etsy shop and sell some just before Christmas! Yippee! I'm really happy with how this turned out, I hadn't drawn anything on this large scale (original drawing is A2) for a while. I'm looking forward to drawing more large scale cityscapes, can you recommend the next city for me to draw?!
Hwyl x

You can buy the print here!

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Cardiau Nadolig! Christmas Cards!

Ma Nadolig jyst rownd y gornel, aaa!!! A ma gen i set o cardiau Nadolig *newydd* flwyddyn yma efo'r arth wen, iei! Ma nw ar werth RWAN yn siop etsy fi (cliciwch fan hyn), ar gael mewn Cymraeg a Saesneg. Ydych chi'n ffansio pecyn onyn nhw? Anfonwch neges i fi a medrai roi pris arbennig i chi! P.S. Sgen i ddim llawer o'r cardiau Robin goch ar ol, felly os dachisho rhai, gadewch fi wbod asap!!
Christmas is just around the corner, ahhhh! And I have a *new* set of Christmas cards this year with the polar bear, yay! They're for sale NOW in my etsy shop (click here), available in Welsh and English. Would you like a pack of them? Just send me a message and I can give you a special price! P.S. I don't have a lot of the Robin cards left, so if you want some, let me know asap!!

Hwyl x

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Catch up!

Eek! I haven't blogged in such a long time! The main reason is I haven't really had much to blog about, it's been either 'work in progress' or work that I'm unable to show, waiting for things in the post (like the fabric, which HAS arrived now, yay!) just little things like that. But now all of a sudden, I have LOADS of things to blog about, so expect a lot of blog posts in the next few weeks! I thought I'd just make a little 'catch up' of what I've been up to in photos, and then in the next blog posts I can go more in depth with certain stuff (like the work in progress, I can show the finished piece!) So I'm off now to write new blog posts!

work in progress of a commission
adding the colour to a commission
work in progress of a commission
adding the colour to a commission
my first attempt at pumpkin carving this halloween!
making my illustration for a christmas card design
final version of christmas card before sending them off to get printed!
available in my shop now :)
working on a new A2 cityscape of Caerdydd!
Hwyl! x

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Fabric pattern making!

So this week has been busy workwise, the beginning anyway, so I don't have much to show drawing/illustrating wise! But, what I have been working on, or wanting, for a while is to print my own  designs on fabric. I finally took the plunge and ordered three designs this weekend from . I've ordered a yard of each design to start off with, so hopefully they'll turn out well :)

I decided to get two colourful bird patterns, one with a very pale pink background and the other on a white background. And for the third I decided to test out printing one of my cityscapes, and chose this one of a street in Paris. This is obviously not a pattern, but I thought I could cut image into tea towels, or cut square into a cushion cover, or make one of those small rectangle cushions. I haven't decided yet!! I can't wait for the fabric to arrive to start making things with them, eee!

Hwyl x

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Comisiwn newydd a'i ddatblygiad // New commission and its progress

Dwi'n rili hapus efo sut mae'r comisiwn yma wedi troi allan. Dwi'n licio y font gwahanol a fel bod o mwy laid back rhywsut efo lle mae'r sgwennu a petha! On i'n meddwl fyswni'n dangos datblygiad y comisiwn hwn o'r dechrau i'r darn terfynol wedi'i fframio. Gobeithio bod chi'n licio!

p.s. Diwrnod o blaen nath siop etsy fi (cliciwch yma!) gael dros cant ymwelydd mewn diwrnod, a nes i werthu tri eitem o fewn 24 awr! Ella di hynna ddim yn swnio'n lot i rhai, ond mae o'n lot i fi!

Os ydach chi efo diddordeb mewn comisiwn, croeso i chi anfon neges ata fi am fwy o wybodaeth :)


I'm really happy with how this commission has turned out. I like the different font used and it seems more laid back somehow with how the text is placed and stuff! I thought I'd show my progress of this commission from beginning to end with it framed. I hope you like it!

p.s. The other day my etsy shop (click here!) received over a hundred visitors in a day, and I also sold three items within 24 hours! Maybe that doesn't seem like a lot to some, but it is to me!

If you're interested in a commission, feel free to message me for more information :)

Hwyl x