Monday, 12 December 2011

Mail Art to Jessica Gowling!

This is the mail art I sent to Jess (twitter @jessicagowling - a while ago! I'm only now getting round to showing what I sent! This was the second mail art I've sent Jess, and I think I'm getting better...well I hope I am :) but I'm enjoying doing it and I hope Jess likes my mail art treats, cos I enjoy getting hers, heeheehee!


Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Mail Art from Harriet Gray and Luke Waller ! ! !

Zine from Luke Waller

other side of the zine

business card with shiny crown!

authoritative kitty! and a hiding birdie :)

cuuuute kitty


what I got in the lucky dip from Harriet Gray


I got these two beautiful mail art from Harriet Gray ( and Luke Waller ( a few weeks ago but been so busy that it's only now I've been able to blog about it!!

I got this amazing zine from Luke, it's brilliant, wowza!! This will definitely be going up on the wall, hee hee. And I got this beautifully brilliant lucky dip from Harriet with a greeting card which I should probably use and give to someone but I might be selfish and put it up on my wall too! Now I just need to find somewhere to put her stickers...


Saturday, 26 November 2011

'When We Were Young' exhibition (opening soon!)

My pieces framed and already sent up to the exhibition up in Newcastle, which previews on December 1st, eee exciting!

The Birds

The Tree House

The Board Games
Here are the posters, three different designs, for the exhibition.

Poster design 1 by SAUL

Poster design 2 by German Orozco
Poster design 3 by Meee!
Yay! How exciting! This exhibition is curated by Bruce Parker ( which features international artists to create piece(s) to the theme 'When We Were Young', and I'm one of those artists eeee!!!

If you are around Newcastle on the preview night, 6pm-8:30pm December 1st, or between the preview and January 7th 2012, then get down to  La Boca Art Cafe to see the 'When We Were Young' exhibition.


Monday, 17 October 2011

I won Anna Jane Searle's Giveaway prize, yipee!

the packaging unfortunately didn't make it...!

I found Cauldron Snout!

The brilliant illustrator Anna Jane Searle was holding a giveaway on her blog (check her awesome blog out HERE!) which I entered amongst many others. And guess what? I was the lucky one who won!!! As you can see! 

Aren't these AMAZING!!!! I was, and still am, so happy when this arrived on Thursday! I carefully tried to open this box for ages because the wrapping was a beautiful map, but it started to rip, then some more and in the end I couldn't wait to open it so I just had to rip it open! So beautiful, and so delicate. The inside of the box is absoloutely stunning, beautiful colours and so intricate! I think my favourite is the Amethyst Crystal. But they're all brilliant :D Thank you Anna!