Tuesday, 24 May 2011

sparrows and castles

 I drew this little birdie the other night. There's a sparrow nest in the roof next door, and we can see it flying from there to our garden to pick up the bird seed we put out, going back and forth to its nest every day. And she now uses the bird bath I put out, eee (a tray with water, not fancy y'know)!!!

This is the castle that I started drawing but realised I was running out of space because the castle was so long (see previous post)! So anyways, I finished it off today. I've noticed that I've kindof got two different drawing styles going on, which you can see here from the two drawings! Is this normal!? I like to exercise 'real-life' drawing, or 'looking-like-it-actually-is' drawing... I don't know what it's called! Anyway, I like to do that every now and then just for exercise so I don't get crap really.


Sunday, 22 May 2011

my castles brings all the boys to the yard

I've started drawing castles... at the moment castles in Wales, so I started off with this one - Caernarfon castle. I wanted to just draw the castle without the buildings and stuff around it, to keep it simple. But I'll draw more castles (including this one) with the stuff surrounding it, and without. I want to experiment with colour with this one next, so I'll blog about it when I'm done (omg I'm blogging!!!).

This was my first attempt, but the castle was longer than I expected and the page wasn't long enough (DAMMIT!). I'll finish this one, but I'll fill in the surrounding areas too, otherwise it'll look weird just popping out of the page. So next week I'm going to draw a lot of castles hopefully (amongst other things), or the same ones over and over til it's right!

If there's anything I could do to improve it etc, I'd love to hear your thoughts :)


Friday, 20 May 2011

Introduction into Bloggerland!

Paris Street View. By meee! (aka Anna Gwenllian)
Hello! My name is Anna Gwenllian and as it says in the 'About Me' section I'm an illustrator/artist/drawer of things from North Wales (Yer that place that's lyke full of sheep and rain and the nearest tesco is lyke 10 hours away, innit). I love drawing, art, cats, birds, animals, music, cartoons, countryside and the seaside. Visit my website HERE.

I've finally made myself a blogger/blogspot blog! I've already got a tumblr blog (see HERE) but that's become a collection of images that inspire me, with some of my sketches in between rather than an actual blog. Tumblr isn't really a blog I can write on. I can't really make a post about an illustrator or artist with a lot of images, write about them, and allow people to respond back. They can 'like' it, and I guess they can reblog it, but at the end of the day it's just where people find funny/cute/interesting images to show others, more than an actual blog! Then there's twitter (my twitter is @AnnaGwenllian by the way), which is basically the same with a restriction of 140 characters to say anything etc. So making a real-life grown-up blogger blog is a place I can share my inspirations, write about new and old artists/illustrators/writers/maker-of-things while including imagery. A place where I can share what I've been upto properly, without twitter cutting me off mid-sentence and having to resort to speaking in text-talk LOLZ!!!

Now with this introduction post out of the way I can start blogging about other things... :)