Sunday, 22 May 2011

my castles brings all the boys to the yard

I've started drawing castles... at the moment castles in Wales, so I started off with this one - Caernarfon castle. I wanted to just draw the castle without the buildings and stuff around it, to keep it simple. But I'll draw more castles (including this one) with the stuff surrounding it, and without. I want to experiment with colour with this one next, so I'll blog about it when I'm done (omg I'm blogging!!!).

This was my first attempt, but the castle was longer than I expected and the page wasn't long enough (DAMMIT!). I'll finish this one, but I'll fill in the surrounding areas too, otherwise it'll look weird just popping out of the page. So next week I'm going to draw a lot of castles hopefully (amongst other things), or the same ones over and over til it's right!

If there's anything I could do to improve it etc, I'd love to hear your thoughts :)



harriet gray said...

oooh this is lovely :) happy first ever (real) blog post, yay! xx

Kirsty Ramsbottom said...

Wow this is very lovely! Feel your pain on running out of page to draw on. You should try fax/receipt roll too! ;) xx

Whimsically Random said...

Lovely looks so good all framed and mounted :) x

Anna Gwenllian said...

thank you all for the lovely comments :)
and kirsty, i think i just might get some fax/receipt roll, good plan!!

Annarack said...

I really like mum and dad would love this too :)

Anna Gwenllian said...

aww thank you Anna :D