Tuesday, 24 May 2011

sparrows and castles

 I drew this little birdie the other night. There's a sparrow nest in the roof next door, and we can see it flying from there to our garden to pick up the bird seed we put out, going back and forth to its nest every day. And she now uses the bird bath I put out, eee (a tray with water, not fancy y'know)!!!

This is the castle that I started drawing but realised I was running out of space because the castle was so long (see previous post)! So anyways, I finished it off today. I've noticed that I've kindof got two different drawing styles going on, which you can see here from the two drawings! Is this normal!? I like to exercise 'real-life' drawing, or 'looking-like-it-actually-is' drawing... I don't know what it's called! Anyway, I like to do that every now and then just for exercise so I don't get crap really.


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Annarack said...

You've been working well hard dude...keep it up... :)