Wednesday, 15 June 2011


Last week I was on holiday in the middle (ish) of France, and I got back Sunday night. I was so tired, I still am, very carlagged and ferrylagged. If you can have jetlagged you can have the others...right?! I mainly relaxed, laid out in the sun, go for walks, eat, and visited a zoo! Which you can tell from the photos... 
le om nom nom!

tiny frog!
One day we went to this lake and I noticed something small on the ground, at first I thought it was a bug but closer I got I realised it was a tiny frog! Then I started seeing them all around me, they were everywhere! I was trying not to stand on them. You can see how small they were from the scale of the clovers.

a chateaux nearby!

even the signposts have flowers ahhh!

too fast for me
This li'l duckling was at the zoo walking about  with his mum (I assume) and it was running around my feet tweeting and looking for food! I tried taking photos but it was too quick and I gave up to just look at him. Then he tried to eat my laces on my ballet pumps! TOO MUCH CUTENESS!!!
monkeys eating leaves from a branch a zookeeper threw in

a green macaw!

family of giraffes

monkey news!!!
This little monkey was roaming around the park by itself (it was allowed to, and there were others too) and it was on the fence of the meerkat pen, you can see a meerkat in the background. I saw another one stealing fruit from a parrot!

le mont st michel
Stopped by the beach on the way back to go look at le mont st michel in the distance! So pretty.

le fox!
I saw it pounce at something and first of all I thought it was a cat (it was far away as you can see!) but then realised it was a fox! So much animals and birds... bah!

super cuuute!
I think this was a juvenile house sparrow, it was just staying around our feet in the outdoor cafe at the zoo. There were loads of house sparrows there eating off the tables and narrowly missing our heads!

I saw (and heard) loads of birds  when I was there and tried to sketch them afterwards from memory with some notes, so obviously not brilliant ones! I'm still trying to figure out what a couple of them were... I also heard this craaazy loud noise, first of all I thought it was a stable full of ducks on a farm nearby, then thought there was a large cage with exotic birds. After going the zoo, I heard the noise there again, and found out it was the frogs! They were louder than the animals there and they weren't even big ones. LOLZZZ!
ferry on the way back, bleugh!!!
Ahhh, there you go! It's difficult to pick which photos to put up here, I've got loads so I'll post more on my tumblr! Teehee :)

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harriet gray said...

tiny tiny tiny frogs! did you eat their legs? tehehe! and omg how did you resist picking the little ducking up and stealing him! so cute! x