Thursday, 16 June 2011

mail art!

When I got back from France Sunday eve, I was so happy to get back to this little package! I was so tired, but when I saw this I rushed to open it and see what little treats were inside, and I was thrilled! This mail art is the first ever mail art I've had and it's from the lovely Jessica Gowling (@jessicagowling) all the way from Canada. THANK YOU JESS!!! x

That's better!
Loadsa treats, yay!

I feel so inspired from this now, and I can't wait to make a little package ready to send back. I've already started collecting and making things! This will be my first ever one to send out too. Yay for mail art!! :)


Freya Marshall said...

This looks brill. Nice blog :)

naturesmyfriend said...

I'm so happy my purple bear was there to greet you upon your return! how exciting :D so happy to have inspired you and injected a little fun back into your postbox! looking forward to your reply. xox from canada!

harriet gray said...

aw what lovely things! the bear on the envelope looks like one of those witnesses on tv reporting a crime with those post labels over his eyes :p

Anna Gwenllian said...

thank you! haha yes, the poor bear, the poor poor bear! xx

Annarack said...

I bet the postman did that on purpose. The envelope is a work of art. I love the circular club card and weekly expense record.