Monday, 25 July 2011

GREAT Cormorants!

I actually made these a couple weeks ago but only now getting round to blog posting about them, sooozzzz my bad! I was reminded to make this post cos I actually saw a Great Cormorant a couple of days ago. It was bootifuuullll! It was a juvenile though I think cos his chest was white. He was sunbathing then he went fishing in the water! It was amazing for how long it would stay underneath the water, and how far he could travel under the water.

ANYWAY that's enough on that. I'd like to draw more of these, so I'll get round to that in my new bigger square sketchbook, which I finally found! It's just a plain hardback black cartridge paper one, bout 8"x8" so i'm looking forward to filling it up with birdie wirdies!

Laters alligatorsss xxx


Anna Gwenllian said...

ALSO! Forgot to say thank you for your help with my business cards :) They're in the middle of getting printed so I'll blog about them when they arrive!

Thuraya Lynn said...

I love the sincere look they give.

Anna Gwenllian said...

teehee thank you :)

Freya Marshall said...

oooo close up cormorants look great! :)