Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Mail art to Jessica Gowling (My first ever mail art)!

mail art to Jessica Gowling
print, postcard, stickers, stamps, tags


Yipee! I finally made my first ever mail art to Jessica Gowling (go check out her beautiful blog http://naturesmyfriend.wordpress.com/ and twitter @JessicaGowling) ! I hope you like it Jess :) it's taken me quite a while actually to make this and collect pretty things for it :-/  hopefully next time I won't take as long and it will be better, once I get into the swing of things! Maybe then I can start making mail-art to more people... but at the moment I'm happy with just making and sending mail art to Jess :p


Wednesday, 10 August 2011

stuff i got printeds in stuff!

pocket mirrors!

teeny business cards!

stickers! blurry photo, oops!

Yipee! My pocket mirrors arrived today from Awesome Merchandise, so I thought I'd blog to show you them and also my moo order I got a couple weeks ago. These will be added to my shop soon, when I can officially open my shop! (since there isn't anything there at the minute...) Wiii!!