Wednesday, 10 August 2011

stuff i got printeds in stuff!

pocket mirrors!

teeny business cards!

stickers! blurry photo, oops!

Yipee! My pocket mirrors arrived today from Awesome Merchandise, so I thought I'd blog to show you them and also my moo order I got a couple weeks ago. These will be added to my shop soon, when I can officially open my shop! (since there isn't anything there at the minute...) Wiii!!



Thuraya Lynn said...

Beautiful treasure!

& Anne, I was wondering: how're the quality products from moo[dot]com? :0

Anna Gwenllian said...

Thank you :) i'm very happy with the quality of the things I got from moo, I think they came out very nice! Hope this helps

Thuraya Lynn said...

I see, I was tempted to use their services but didn't know who to ask, to my fortunate you mentioned it on this post, ace!
Thank you for your feedback!

Annarack said...

I use Moo. com, they are excellent. These look just wonderful me dear...I can't wait to see your new shop.

harriet gray said...

lovely lovely stuff! :) and thanking yous again for sending me some of these goodies :) the stickers are now adorning my computer desk x

Anna Gwenllian said...

aw thank you girls :) and you're very welcome Harriet! xx

☆Sumi☆ said...

so beautiful! I love your postcards!! your work is awesome!