Monday, 5 September 2011

Eeeee new mail art from Jessica Gowling!

look at the cute snowy owl!

silver wood-effect lined envelope, ahhhh!


this was on the other side of the Gnu card (above, top left) tee hee :p
i LOVE these birdie cards, too cuuute!

six! there are six bunnies! and one bear...

porcupine!! is it?

le pretty stag!

beautiful feather piece with William Shakespeare quote, thank you Jess!

You might've seen my other blog posts about mail art to and from Jessica Gowling (twitter @JessicaGowling, see her blog HERE!) and here's her mail art to me this time! Isn't it preeeettyful?! So much beautiful stuff, and very detailed. I love it :)

Thank you so much for this beautiful mail art Jess, it's gorgeous! Now I need to find a frame for the feather piece and the stag! It's my turn next to send something :) and after this I'm feeling very inspired! And a massive congratulations to you on your engagement, very happy for you! Paaaartay!



naturesmyfriend said...

Anna, so happy this package made you smile! Always glad to inspire! thanks for your kind words about my engagement, and I look forward to your creative reply. All the best.

Annarack said...

AWESOMENESS!!!! I love that drawing of the feather so delicate and that print is wicked, loving the colour green background. The Bird cards a WIN!!! You lucky devil you :)