Monday, 17 October 2011

I won Anna Jane Searle's Giveaway prize, yipee!

the packaging unfortunately didn't make it...!

I found Cauldron Snout!

The brilliant illustrator Anna Jane Searle was holding a giveaway on her blog (check her awesome blog out HERE!) which I entered amongst many others. And guess what? I was the lucky one who won!!! As you can see! 

Aren't these AMAZING!!!! I was, and still am, so happy when this arrived on Thursday! I carefully tried to open this box for ages because the wrapping was a beautiful map, but it started to rip, then some more and in the end I couldn't wait to open it so I just had to rip it open! So beautiful, and so delicate. The inside of the box is absoloutely stunning, beautiful colours and so intricate! I think my favourite is the Amethyst Crystal. But they're all brilliant :D Thank you Anna!



harriet gray said...

what sweet little drawers! i love that you tried to keep the packaging intact, but then got overexcited. i usually rip things open and then after i'm like 'owwww, shudda been more careful' doh! x

Annarack said...

I love the photos you have taken of your goodies me dear. I love the one of the ripped paper too, I say just go for it otherwise you could have been there ages trying to unwrap without tearing it. The amethyst crystal was the first one I drew.
And you found Cauldron Snout....awesomeness. If you ever want to swap mail art just give me a bell and we can start doing that too ;)
So pleased it got to you safely. I was having visions that it was going to get lost in the post. But thank God it didn't.

mollandmostin said...

Absolutely beyond beautiful. Stunning.

Petal to Petal said...