Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Mail Art from Harriet Gray and Luke Waller ! ! !

Zine from Luke Waller

other side of the zine

business card with shiny crown!

authoritative kitty! and a hiding birdie :)

cuuuute kitty


what I got in the lucky dip from Harriet Gray


I got these two beautiful mail art from Harriet Gray (www.harrietgray.co.uk) and Luke Waller (www.lukewaller.co.uk) a few weeks ago but been so busy that it's only now I've been able to blog about it!!

I got this amazing zine from Luke, it's brilliant, wowza!! This will definitely be going up on the wall, hee hee. And I got this beautifully brilliant lucky dip from Harriet with a greeting card which I should probably use and give to someone but I might be selfish and put it up on my wall too! Now I just need to find somewhere to put her stickers...


1 comment :

harriet gray said...

mega lol, i love that you blogged the envelope too hahahha! XXX