Saturday, 26 November 2011

'When We Were Young' exhibition (opening soon!)

My pieces framed and already sent up to the exhibition up in Newcastle, which previews on December 1st, eee exciting!

The Birds

The Tree House

The Board Games
Here are the posters, three different designs, for the exhibition.

Poster design 1 by SAUL

Poster design 2 by German Orozco
Poster design 3 by Meee!
Yay! How exciting! This exhibition is curated by Bruce Parker ( which features international artists to create piece(s) to the theme 'When We Were Young', and I'm one of those artists eeee!!!

If you are around Newcastle on the preview night, 6pm-8:30pm December 1st, or between the preview and January 7th 2012, then get down to  La Boca Art Cafe to see the 'When We Were Young' exhibition.



harriet gray said...

waaaa! those little baby birdies are the cutest things ever!! <3 i like your poster the best XX

Annarack said...

OMG!!! Finally an exhibition I can get to go to without having to travel to London. I am so gonna see your wonderful illustrations dude. Are you coming to Newcastle?

Whimsically Random said...

Love these esp the tree house and birdies! Sounds a fab exhibition best of luck with it x

Anna Gwenllian said...

awww thank you girlies :D your comments mean a lot <3 xxx

thingsandstuff said...

I wish I could come and see these, your work is so beautiful! Hope it all goes really well xxx

naturesmyfriend said...

good luck anna!!!! LOVE that new piece with the cuddled birds on a branch! gorgeous.

Anna Gwenllian said...

thank you so much girlies :D xxxxx