Friday, 18 May 2012

Work in Progress / Gwaith ar ei hanner

Gylfinbraff / Hawfinch

Ji Binc / Chaffinch

Coch y Berllan / Bullfinch

These are birds I've been drawing recently (more to show you soon) which I want to make into print soon, and other various things! I love drawing birds, I think birds and architecture are my favourite subjects but I just love drawing in general :)

With making a print, I wasn't sure if I should use one bird and repeat, or should I use all the birds (there are another three to add to these, making it 6 birdies [all finches] in total) into one print?

I started this drawing a while ago, and when going through old magazines came across this in the middle! Lucky that I didn't just throw the  magazine out. So I'm looking forward to finishing this and showing you again soon. Hopefully I won't leave my blogging as long as last time. I'm hoping to blog once a week or fortnight now :)

I took these photos on instagram if you want to follow me @AnnaGwenllian


☆Sumi☆ said...

Aw they are beautiful!! I like the 6 different finches idea :)

harriet gray said...

i LOVE them all! i think all six on one print would look awesome X

Anna Gwenllian said...

aw thank you girls :D xx