Thursday, 28 November 2013

Cardiau Nadolig! Christmas Cards!

Ma Nadolig jyst rownd y gornel, aaa!!! A ma gen i set o cardiau Nadolig *newydd* flwyddyn yma efo'r arth wen, iei! Ma nw ar werth RWAN yn siop etsy fi (cliciwch fan hyn), ar gael mewn Cymraeg a Saesneg. Ydych chi'n ffansio pecyn onyn nhw? Anfonwch neges i fi a medrai roi pris arbennig i chi! P.S. Sgen i ddim llawer o'r cardiau Robin goch ar ol, felly os dachisho rhai, gadewch fi wbod asap!!
Christmas is just around the corner, ahhhh! And I have a *new* set of Christmas cards this year with the polar bear, yay! They're for sale NOW in my etsy shop (click here), available in Welsh and English. Would you like a pack of them? Just send me a message and I can give you a special price! P.S. I don't have a lot of the Robin cards left, so if you want some, let me know asap!!

Hwyl x

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Catch up!

Eek! I haven't blogged in such a long time! The main reason is I haven't really had much to blog about, it's been either 'work in progress' or work that I'm unable to show, waiting for things in the post (like the fabric, which HAS arrived now, yay!) just little things like that. But now all of a sudden, I have LOADS of things to blog about, so expect a lot of blog posts in the next few weeks! I thought I'd just make a little 'catch up' of what I've been up to in photos, and then in the next blog posts I can go more in depth with certain stuff (like the work in progress, I can show the finished piece!) So I'm off now to write new blog posts!

work in progress of a commission
adding the colour to a commission
work in progress of a commission
adding the colour to a commission
my first attempt at pumpkin carving this halloween!
making my illustration for a christmas card design
final version of christmas card before sending them off to get printed!
available in my shop now :)
working on a new A2 cityscape of Caerdydd!
Hwyl! x

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Fabric pattern making!

So this week has been busy workwise, the beginning anyway, so I don't have much to show drawing/illustrating wise! But, what I have been working on, or wanting, for a while is to print my own  designs on fabric. I finally took the plunge and ordered three designs this weekend from . I've ordered a yard of each design to start off with, so hopefully they'll turn out well :)

I decided to get two colourful bird patterns, one with a very pale pink background and the other on a white background. And for the third I decided to test out printing one of my cityscapes, and chose this one of a street in Paris. This is obviously not a pattern, but I thought I could cut image into tea towels, or cut square into a cushion cover, or make one of those small rectangle cushions. I haven't decided yet!! I can't wait for the fabric to arrive to start making things with them, eee!

Hwyl x

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Comisiwn newydd a'i ddatblygiad // New commission and its progress

Dwi'n rili hapus efo sut mae'r comisiwn yma wedi troi allan. Dwi'n licio y font gwahanol a fel bod o mwy laid back rhywsut efo lle mae'r sgwennu a petha! On i'n meddwl fyswni'n dangos datblygiad y comisiwn hwn o'r dechrau i'r darn terfynol wedi'i fframio. Gobeithio bod chi'n licio!

p.s. Diwrnod o blaen nath siop etsy fi (cliciwch yma!) gael dros cant ymwelydd mewn diwrnod, a nes i werthu tri eitem o fewn 24 awr! Ella di hynna ddim yn swnio'n lot i rhai, ond mae o'n lot i fi!

Os ydach chi efo diddordeb mewn comisiwn, croeso i chi anfon neges ata fi am fwy o wybodaeth :)


I'm really happy with how this commission has turned out. I like the different font used and it seems more laid back somehow with how the text is placed and stuff! I thought I'd show my progress of this commission from beginning to end with it framed. I hope you like it!

p.s. The other day my etsy shop (click here!) received over a hundred visitors in a day, and I also sold three items within 24 hours! Maybe that doesn't seem like a lot to some, but it is to me!

If you're interested in a commission, feel free to message me for more information :)

Hwyl x

Thursday, 5 September 2013

New A3 prints!

Yay! Today I've been adding A3 prints of my large cityscapes into my etsy shop, click here.
Which includes the above one of a colourful street in Paris, I also have some A3 prints of Moscow, Prague, Dublin and Seville.

I'll also be putting up more stuff in my etsy shop over the next few weeks, yipee!

Hwyl x

Sunday, 1 September 2013


I haven't blogged in the past week mainly because I've been busy with work and haven't got much to show for it yet! If you follow me on instagram (click here!) you will have seen I've been working on a commission, but I want to wait until that's finished so I can make a blog post about the progress from beginning to end when it's all framed and ready to go!

But this past week I've been going Pinterest crazy! I joined just over a week ago... I think. I'm already addicted, help! If you're on there you can follow me, click here. Let me know your username so I can follow you too :) Do you have any Pinteresting (oh no...) tips for me?!

Hwyl x

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Dryw bach lliwgar // Colourful little Wren

I usually put bright colours in digitally, or if I use watercolours then I'll paint them in their true colours! So I wanted to test something out by putting in the colours first and with gouache watercolour. I'm really happy with how it's turned out, colour-wise and sketch-wise (is that a word?!). I feel like I'm getting back to my own sketch-style (making up words now...). I felt like I was drifting off, trying to draw in a different style, but it wasn't my strong point and I feel more confident and happier drawing like this! So I'm looking forward to more colourful painting and drawing now :)


Dwi fel arfer yn rhoi lliwiau llachar i fewn ar y cyfrifiadur, neu os ydw i yn defnyddio dyfrliwiau nai beintio nhw yn eu lliwiau iawn! So on i isho testio wbeth allan wrth rhoi lliwiau fewn gynta ac efo dyfrlliw gouache. Dwi'n hapus efo sut mae o di troi allan, efo'r lliw a'r llun. Dwi'n teimlo fel bod fi'n mynd nol i steil llunio'n hun, on i'n teimlo fel bod fi'n drifftio off, trio llunio mewn steil gwahanol, ond dim cryfder fi oedd o a dwi'n teimlo lot mwy hyderus a hapus yn neud lluniau fel hyn! So dwi'n edrych ymlaen i neud mwy o lluniau lliwgar rwan :)

Hwyl x

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Recent sketches // Brasluniau diweddar

I'm trying to sketch more often now, for two reasons, exercise and because it's relaxing! The top one I did a couple of days ago, and the bottom one I did a couple of months ago but I realised I hadn't put it up here! I have other sketches of course, but I don't think they're very good! But that's the good thing about sketching, not every piece has to be good/perfect :)
I've been working on something for the past few weeks, and I've nearly finished, so I'm looking forward to showing that! This afternoon I'm going to take a mini break from it and do some more sketching and drawing using more watercolours!
Dwi'n trio sgetsho fwy aml rwan, am dau reswm, ymarfer a achos mae'n ffordd dda i ymlacio! Nes i'r un top cwpwl o ddyddiau yn ol, a yr un gwaelod cwpwl o fisoedd yn ol ond nes i sylwi mod i heb rhoi o fyny yma! Gen i brasluniau erill hefyd wrth gwrs, ond dwi'm yn meddwl bod nhw'n dda iawn! Ond hynna di'r peth da am sgetsho, di pob darn ddim yn goro bod yn dda/perffaith :)
Dwi di bod yn gweithio ar wbeth dros yr wythnosa dwetha a bron a gorffen, so dwi'n edrych ymlaen i ddangos hwnna! Pnawn ma dwi am gymyd brec bach ohona fo i neud chydig o sgetsho a llunio yn defnydio mwy o dyfrlliwiau!
Hwyl x

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Succulents are taking over!

This is an echeveria I bought a few months ago...

...and this is one of its cuttings!

I've caught the succulentaholic disease! Help! Or maybe just the gardening-aholic disease in general...

I first came across succulents when I saw Harriet (from hello harriet) tweet and instagram about them, and I decided to buy one (that larger echeveria one above). I tried taking a cutting to see if it would grow a new little plant, I didn't really know what to expect. I hadn't tried it before, wasn't sure if I'd taken the cutting off at the right place and I'd only taken one off so wasn't very hopeful of it! But!! After a few weeks, it started to sprout little pink roots :o omigosh! It had worked! And after a few more weeks, it started to grow leaves, and now it's turning into its own little plant. I probably shouldn't be this excited about a plant... but I AM!!

Then, the lovely Harriet sent me some of her own succulent cuttings! How lucky am I? Which are all those (except for the bottom two photos of the echeveria) photos above! I've planted them in cactus soil, and they're doing really well so far. Thank you Harriet! I can't wait to find some pretty little pots to plant them in next!

Hwyl x

p.s. I'm obviously not an expert in this so if I've spelt anything wrong or something, please let me know :)

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Tu Chwith

Chydig yn ol, nath Tu Chwith ofyn i neud darn amdan fy ngwaith i yn eu cyfrol nesa nhw! iei :) Nes i gael cynnig i neud darn ar gyfer y clawr hefyd, so wrth gwrs nes i ddeud iawn a neud darn ar thema'r gyfrol, sef Eisteddfod. Mae'r rhifyn allan rwan, ac yn llawn darnau diddorol, so cerwch allan i'w brynnu! <3

A while ago, Tu Chwith asked to make a feature about my work in their next volume! yay :) I was asked if I wanted to make a piece for the cover too, so off course I said yes and made a piece on the theme of the issue, which is Eisteddfod. The issue is out now, and full of interesting pieces, so go out and buy it! <3

Hwyl x

Sunday, 28 July 2013

This week // Wthnos yma !






1 - A few months ago we planted wildflower seeds in the 'vegetable patches' to have wildflower patches, since they weren't in use this year! They're coming along really well, and I can't wait for this one to open :)
2 - Bumble bee mania! There are 8 lavender plants in the garden (6 planted last summer, 2 a year before that), and the bumble bees are loving them, so many bees! Yay!
3 - I got these pegs from my friend on my birthday (a month ago!), I can't wait to peg photos and drawings up in my workspace.
4 - The succulent babies I got from Harriet are settling in nicely :) p.s. will be making a post about them soooon! Next step, buy nice plant pots!
5 - I learnt how to make patterns! YAY! If you follow me on twitter or instagram, you would've seen I've been attempting to make patterns. I'm so happy I've managed to make some (with some helpful tips from my twitter friends), and I'm pretty happy with this one (Can you see my kitty cat phone cover reflection in the corner?!)
6 - I signed up for LoveFilm this weekend, omg where has it been all this time! I didn't know where to start! Inception had been on my watchlist for the longest time, (and it was on instant) so I had to watch it, along with a lot of episodes of 30 Rock :D

Also, I've been sprucing up my blog recently as I've started to really get into it, making new posts of my own along with reading blogs. Yays!

Hwyl x

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Bird Prints

If you haven't already seen, I now have some bird print in my shop! Check them out here!

Os dachi heb weld yn barod, dwi rwan efo prints adar yn fy siop! Gwelwch nhw yma!

Hwyl x

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Ffrainc mewn lluniau // France in photos

 Newydd fod ar gwyliau yn Ffrainc am dwy wythnos, a dyma chydig o'r lluniau nes i dynnu. Oedd na heatwave yno, so ma'n eitha neis bod yn ol i heatwave sydd ddim mor boeth!!

I've just been on holidays to France for two weeks, and here are a few photos I took. There was a heatwave there, so it's kind of nice coming back to heatwave that's not as hot!!

Hwyl x