Friday, 14 June 2013

Desky desk

Work by (clockwise from left): Luke Waller, Robert E Fuller, Jessica Gowling, Becky Lewis, Harriet Gray

Print by Richey Beckett

Dwidi bod yn symud desg fi a sortio fo allan yn iawn a mar o'n edrych lot gwell yn barod! Dwidi fframio dipyn o betha i fynd fyny ar y wal uwchben desg fi fyd, wal bach o yabrydiolaeth, gen i lot fwy o betha i fyny fyd ond neith hein am rwan! Be ydych chi di bod yn neud wsos yma?

I've been moving my desk around, clearing and sorting it out too. It's looking much better now! I've also got a few things that I've framed and ready to up on the wall above my desk, mini inspiration wall. I have much more stuff I want to put up, but these will do for now! What have you been upto this week?

Hwyl x

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she. said...

I always love seeing other people's desks.