Friday, 28 June 2013

New commission and bloglovin!

Photo by Katie Churchill via instagram

This is a new commission I made for a friend, of Pontypridd. I'm happy with how it's turned out :) Remember, if you fancy a commission, send me an e-mail!

Also, there's a lot of talk about the google friend connect thingy going, so if you want to follow me I'm on Bloglovin', you can find me here! (or just click on the bloglovin' button on the right sidebar)
Let me know if you're on bloglovin' so I can find and follow you too :)

Dyma comisiwn newydd nes i i ffrind, o Pontypridd. Dwi'n hapus efo sut mae o di troi allan :)
Cofiwch, os ydach chi isho comisiwn, anfonwch e-bost i mi!

Hefyd, ma na lot o siarad am y google friend connect peth yn mynd, so os ydach chi dal isho dilyn fi, dwi ar Bloglovin', medra chi ffindio fi'n fama! (ne just cliciwch ar y bwtwm bloglovin' sydd ar yr ochor dde) Gadwch fi wbod os ydych chi ar bloglovin' hefyd so medrai ffindio a dilyn chi hefyd :)

Hwyl xxx