Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Succulents are taking over!

This is an echeveria I bought a few months ago...

...and this is one of its cuttings!

I've caught the succulentaholic disease! Help! Or maybe just the gardening-aholic disease in general...

I first came across succulents when I saw Harriet (from hello harriet) tweet and instagram about them, and I decided to buy one (that larger echeveria one above). I tried taking a cutting to see if it would grow a new little plant, I didn't really know what to expect. I hadn't tried it before, wasn't sure if I'd taken the cutting off at the right place and I'd only taken one off so wasn't very hopeful of it! But!! After a few weeks, it started to sprout little pink roots :o omigosh! It had worked! And after a few more weeks, it started to grow leaves, and now it's turning into its own little plant. I probably shouldn't be this excited about a plant... but I AM!!

Then, the lovely Harriet sent me some of her own succulent cuttings! How lucky am I? Which are all those (except for the bottom two photos of the echeveria) photos above! I've planted them in cactus soil, and they're doing really well so far. Thank you Harriet! I can't wait to find some pretty little pots to plant them in next!

Hwyl x

p.s. I'm obviously not an expert in this so if I've spelt anything wrong or something, please let me know :)


harriet gray said...

YAY! you should be excited because it is VERY exciting :) good the hear they're doing well xxx

Anna Gwenllian said...

Heehee! Thank you Harriet :) xx