Sunday, 22 September 2013

Fabric pattern making!

So this week has been busy workwise, the beginning anyway, so I don't have much to show drawing/illustrating wise! But, what I have been working on, or wanting, for a while is to print my own  designs on fabric. I finally took the plunge and ordered three designs this weekend from . I've ordered a yard of each design to start off with, so hopefully they'll turn out well :)

I decided to get two colourful bird patterns, one with a very pale pink background and the other on a white background. And for the third I decided to test out printing one of my cityscapes, and chose this one of a street in Paris. This is obviously not a pattern, but I thought I could cut image into tea towels, or cut square into a cushion cover, or make one of those small rectangle cushions. I haven't decided yet!! I can't wait for the fabric to arrive to start making things with them, eee!

Hwyl x

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